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Walking & cycling

Cycling is a great way to explore Leitrim – to enjoy the pristine nature and all the things to be seen and done along the routes. The cycle network includes four types of cycle lane design options:
  • Mixed Street / Shared Road Use (in the town centre) – cyclists share the roadway with the traffic. The speed limit in these areas is 30km/h in order to facilitate the Shared Road Use.
  • Single Driving Lane with Advisory Cycle Lanes (Sunmmerhill, MBNA/Community School road) – this involves removing the centre lines and providing a two-way traffic lane with advisory cycle lanes on either side, marked by a dashed white line.
  • Dedicated On Road Cycle Lanes (for example on the N4 Dublin approach) – these are provided where the width of the roadway allows. They are amrked with a solid white line.
  • Off Road Cycling
Along the routes there are a number of bicycle parking shelters. More details about the cycling routes can be seen on the map.